One of Bruce Gillingham Pollard’s predicted trends for 2018 was the rise of ‘mindful drinking’ and after a month of indulgence, ‘Dry January’ is likely to boost further growth on the sale of non-alcoholic beverages.

Dry January aside, in the current social climate of greater health awareness, there is a growing push against the British drinking culture that places alcohol at the centre of every social event.

The proportion of Brits regularly drinking is at its lowest (56.9%) since 2005. The mindful drinking movement has been largely driven by millennials, with the choice motivated by economic difficulties, professional motivation and health factors. “A decade ago, 19% of young adults aged 16-24 reported choosing not to drink alcohol, compared with 27% in 2015”,  according to the Office for National Statistics. Many drinks have been launched to appeal to sober millennials. These include Seedlip, a “gin”, with zero calories and 0% alcohol, and 0.5% alcohol beers such as Nanny State by Brewdog, which has driven a 50% increase in low or no-alcohol beer sales in the past five years.

As a result, companies who are able to offer alternatives to drinking alcohol will thrive, with the front runners being those that embrace the innovation in non-alcoholic spirits, and the growing trend in competitive socialising.