Central Cross, the new 48,000 sq ft restaurant and retail destination located on Charing Cross Road, at the eastern gateway to Chinatown, is currently hosting digital exhibition The Glass Room.

Curated by non-profit tech organisations Mozilla and Tactical Technology Collective, The Glass Room explores the extent to which our personal data is freely used and sold by companies.

Poignantly designed in the guise of a minimalist, brightly lit pop-up tech store, the exhibition aims to shine a light on the true implications of the information we put on the internet, in a transparent and tangible way, through the use of artworks and interactive displays.

The creative space, which debuted in New York in December of 2016, includes over 50 objects and artworks divided into four themes:

• Something to Hide investigates just how safe our personal data is, and how much information we may be unconsciously giving away.

• We Know You examines the five ‘tech giants’; Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, and their increasing global influence.

• Big Mother presents the normalisation of everyday surveillance in our lives.

• Open the Box visualises the data footprints we leave behind and how this can be abused.

A Data Detox Bar, staffed by ‘Ingeniuses’ also offers one-on-one, practical advice on how to reduce online activity and ‘digitally detox’.

The Glass Room is open from 25th October to 12th November at Central Cross, 69 - 71 Charring Cross Road.