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Valvona Crolla

An institution in Edinburgh

An institution in Edinburgh

Tracey Pollard

Scotland's oldest delicatessen and wine merchants celebrated their 80th anniversary this year. Valvona and Crolla, were founded as a market store in 1934 by an Italian immigrant and now serves a vast breadth of wine, food and a range of kitchenwear from all around the world, as well as their own wonderful baked bread.
This family run business celebrates it's traditions yet is flexible enough to adapt to technology and the changing trends in retail. It's online shop can deliver up to 90% of the population by the day. Whilst the on site cafe at the rear of the store provides yet another reason to visit or increase dwell time. The simple Italian menu starts with breakfast and then moves on to a range of tasty charcuterie, fresh pasta, pizza or toasted panatella sandwiches.

The store embraces the community and hosts a range of tastings and cookery demonstrations thought out the year. They even convert their on site gift room and book shop into a 70 seat theatre during August, which becomes a venue in the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival.
Valvona and Crolla has become an institution in Edinburgh, with such amazing home wear products, food based gifts and functional everyday objects and ingredients, it's not hard to see why.