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The Cotswold Distillery, Warwickshire

The perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon in the Cotswolds

The perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon in the Cotswolds

Emily Spencer

I adore the Cotswolds: endless, green, rolling landscape, interspersed with charming towns and villages. For me it is home and I feel an instant sense of relaxation whenever I am there. One place I was yet to visit but ever so keen to try was its new addition, The Cotswolds Distillery. Like a lot of people I am a big fan of the spirit of the moment, gin, so whilst in the area I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a tour and sample it at its award winning best from the first craft distillery in the Cotswolds.
Nestled in the Warwickshire countryside, The Cotswolds Distillery is situated in beautifully landscaped gardens, just off the quiet country road between the two villages of Stourton and Whichford. Founded by Dan Szor in only 2014, it is the first of its kind in the area and is a bounding success. Established on the realisation that the Cotswolds has an abundance of barley and no one distilling it, he saw a gap in the market. As soon as the tour starts it's not difficult to see Dan’s passion behind the brand, everything from sourcing local organic ingredients of the highest quality, to the growing, malting, mashing, right through to the final distillation. The team provide insight into the production and it is fascinating to see all the different tailor-made copper pot stills used to create the spirits.

Once the tour has finished you are taken to the cosy and inviting tasting room, somewhere you would be happy to spend the whole afternoon tasting the array of spirits on offer. You are welcome to sample all of the liquors produced including the single malt spirit (whisky when aged below 3 years), gin, espresso martini and cream liquor. However, due to the generous portions I would thoroughly advise entering into the spirit of things, the perfect opportunity to leave the car and the kids at home! I can't wait to visit again, a perfect pit stop while village-hopping your way across the Cotswolds.