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Samsung 837, New York

A digital playground

A digital playground

Nigel Gillingham

On our recent trip to New York we visited Samsung's new flagship store, Samsung 837. Located in New York City's Meatpacking district (and named after its address on Washington Street), it sits just across the street from the Standard Hotel and the High Line and near the new Whitney Museum location in downtown Manhattan. The goal is to reinvent retail and refresh the Samsung brand, and put rivals Apple and Microsoft on notice with their NYC-based flagship stores.

When walking through the doors of the store you literally feel like you are entering some sort of digial playground, with so many areas to explore and play in. The 37,000 sq.ft store is set over three floors and features numerous installations and touchpoints. These include, a one-of-kind digital screen, auditorium seating for performances and special events, a Gallery featuring curated content experiences, a broadcast studio, and much more. 
We in particular had great fun trying out the social galaxy mosaic, a 3-story wall made of 96 55" LCD displays using social photos.  Samsung, i think, have hit the nail on the head with this absolute flagship of a store, the goal isn’t to sell items but the Samsung lifestyle. This flagship is the "physical manifestation" of the company's brand and somewhere you must visit!