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RivaReno Heladería, Palma de Mallorca

The best Italian Gelato Lab EVER!

A mecca for ice-cream connoisseurs

Victoria Broadhead

I love gelato!!  When you are having a few days away in a new and exciting city like Palma, what could be better than to stumble across an amazing gelato parlour like RivaReno Heladería?

This venture started when four friends (a manager in the car industry, a BBC journalist, a famous gelato maker from Bologna and a lawyer) decided to work together to make an ambition come true; they wanted to open the best Italian gelato lab ever.

The idea was pursued with such great passion, hard work, creativity and diligence by the four founders

that it soon found more supporters among other entrepreneurs, who decided to invest in the RivaReno brand.

As well as Italy, they now have parlours across the globe including Bali, Sydney, Malta, and the one I visited in Palma, which they opened as they have holidayed on the island for years.

It really is a mouth-watering find.  Everything is prepared onsite (the gelato is made fresh every day) and it’s seasonal.

So as well as gelato, in the winter you’ll also find hot chocolates, crepes, waffles and brownies, and when the Mediterranean summer hits, ice-lollies, gelato bars, milk shakes and slushes.  When I was there in the spring, they were serving the gelato with chocolate sauce which is made of pure chocolate.  I have never tasted anything so good (and I have tasted a lot of icecream)!

Well worth a look out across the globe!