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Penelope the Pudmobile, St Albans

Handmade Puds

Supplying delicious desserts to the most needy

Victoria Broadhead

I recently moved to St Albans from London, and during my first week there (whilst trying to get used to commuting) was so pleased to be welcomed back off the train from my first ever commute to find Penelope the Pudmobile waiting for me!

The Pudding Stop is a lovely bakery and coffee shop in Christopher’s Place which was started by a local boy, Johnny Shepherd following his participation in TV’s Great British Bake off.

It is the local bakery which has now become an institution within St Albans.  If you ever need anything you can find it here;  from the best donuts, fondants and brownies, to Bakewell tarts, sauces and custards or indeed anything sweet after a nice meal out or just a treat on a Saturday;  you don’t need to look any further and they literally are the best!  They also operate on a seasonal basis, working with readily available ingredients and have great environmental credentials;  

biodegradable straws and coffee cups, plus recycled napkins and packaging.  By being creative and thinking how to get the puddings to the most needy, they bought Penelope the Pubmobile, which is parked dangerously close to the station for everyone to enjoy.  I now have to actually ignore it is there!!!