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Merci, Paris

The number 1 concept store in Paris

The number 1 concept store in Paris

Alex Robinson

Merci is one of the most exciting and forward thinking stores in Paris, and is located in an old wallpaper factory in the trendy area of La Marais. Not just a fashion and design store, it also contains two cafes and a restaurant.
On the initial approach, it looks like the building is home to just a café, however there is a small entrance to the left of the Merci Café. This takes you into a small courtyard where an old school little French red car sits outside the main door. Once inside the shop, it's bustling with people and the layout is cool with plenty of natural light. All the staff are very attentive and helpful; whilst I was perusing the sunglasses section, and before I had chance to try on my favourite pair, the shop assistant was by my side cleaning the lenses. 

Everything is very smartly layed out over 3 floors, with clothes hanging off wires from the ceiling and a variety of stands displaying various brands, including Aesop. The coolest shop I have been to; it has everything that you could want within one unique building. From fashion to homeware, to a cafe and restaurant for you to relax in once your done with your shopping!