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Marunouchi, Tokyo

The way forward for mixed use buildings

The way forward for mixed use buildings

Tracey Pollard

Mitsubishi have over 120 years ownership in Tokyo's central business district and now own over 30 mixed use buildings within the 120 hectares that make up Marunouchi. Mitsubishi have proactively engaged in maximising the retail and restaurants elements of their development which include internal malls, so common with the rest of Asia.  

However, it is the external  retail units where I think the retail is at its most successful, as they have combined first class public realm, soft landscaping, wide pavements and external seating to create a calm relaxed atmosphere so contrasted to the rest of Tokyo. This high quality environment is further enhanced as each building has been individually designed, using a range of materials.

This has created an environment where retailers have adopted  individual styles at both ground and first floor, providing maximum impact and emphasising their brand. Key brands such as Hermes, Paul Smith, Comme de Garson, Jo Malone, and Burberry are all represented within the mix but located adjacent to restaurants and cafés which help drive footfall and helps create a more organic feel.