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LX Factory, Lisbon

A destination you'll want to belong to

A destination you'll want to belong to

Tracey Pollard

Bruce Gillingham Pollard have recently taken a break from the office to explore Lisbon; Portugal's 'City of light'.  In the wake of Portugal’s economic recession, Lisbon has emerged an avant-garde, cultural hub of restless creativity, its ancient foundations reinvigorated with a vibrant, youthful energy.  Nowhere does this new Lisbon synchronize so eloquently with its historic bedrock than within the gates of LX Factory.
This strip of delapidated fabric factories, now decked out with vibrant street art, has reinvented itself as a hub of cafés, bars, independent art spaces, vintage shops, restaurants, concept stores, yoga studios and music venues.  Of all LX Factory’s enticing qualities, we found ourselves most impressed by its integrity.

The space has been reinvented with an artistic authenticity which is raw, organic, and uncontrived, effortlessly blending with the environment.  Every detail has been executed with the upmost charm.  We could have whiled away the whole afternoon without difficulty, relaxing in cafes or browsing the bookshops, but it is when the sun goes down that the real spirit of LX Factory comes alive, and the vibe becomes electric.

LX Factory is a prime example of a destination you'll want to belong to.