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L’Olfattoria, Florence

A unique fragrance bar

A unique fragrance bar

Charlotte Brunt

At L’Olfattorio, Bar a Perfumes the sole objective is to help visitors discover a scent that captures their true essence. This unique concept, a fragrance bar, is the creation of Renata Da Rossi, who with her husband Giovanni Gaidano, is the founder of Cithera Sas, a Turin-based importer and distributor of perfume.

Although it was situated on via Tornabuoni one of the busiest streets in Florence, the entrance was discreet with a narrow corridor leading into a beautifully ornately decorated boutique. We felt like we have discovered a hidden gem! There were probably 8 perfume brands that had been selected by their experts to retail. They sold total product range from each of the brands; from perfume to candles and room fragrance. This small selection of brands focussed our attention as consumers and meant we were not overwelmed.
One of the most important factors was the level of service and knowledge of staff - most have worked with the store over 10 years and have an unrivalled knowledge of products, the different fragrances and tailor to peoples tastes. This level of personal service was outstanding, we left as satisfied customers!