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Liverpool, Merseyside

Liverpool regeneration

Liverpool regneration

Nigel Gillingham

Eat your heart out Shoreditch; the food and indie retail regeneration of Liverpool continues unabashed! Starting at the top of the City in its Georgian heartland, an increasing cluster of high end eateries are developing around the renowned Hope Street Boutique Hotel led by the latest offering of Moose Coffee bar, Moose and Moonshine where you can find coffee and wine in a very cool environment.
There has also been a conversion of a former Blind school into a gastropub and restaurant operated by the successful duo behind the New Moon Company, Paul Newman and David Mooney, appropiately named The Old Blind School. This follows down to Grilla Steak and Grill Restaurant with an incredible vibe, small but superb. Finally at the top end of Bold Street sits Indian Mowgli, super contemporary and full even at mid afternoon, next door to the East Avenue Bake House; a great example of retail meeting dining.
Continue the walk down into Hanover Street where the new Reds Barbeque restaurant has recently opened alongside Hanover Street Social Brasserie and Bar – a local institution!  Whilst a lot of the national operators are here or arriving, the ‘vibe’ for cool, local and india dining in this great metropolis is truly thriving!