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Le Barachois at Le Prince Maurice, Mauritius

A sure fire way to banish any Winter blues!

A sure fire way to banish any Winter blues!

Emily Atkin

A sunset dinner at La Barachois is a sure fire way to banish any Winter blues!The adventure started as we were led from the beautiful beach towards the mangroves, where we followed the lantern lit board walk through the trees seemingly into nowhere. After a couple of bends in the boards the 5 floating restaurant pontoons sat glowing ahead of us. It was such a surreal location on the edge of an ocean lagoon where the water is completely calm and the restaurant is floating.

The 7 of us sat around a table, mozzie repellent was sprayed under the table… just in case… and reading glasses were brought to the table in case we forgot our own! The food was a mix of local Mauritian and modern European cuisine and plenty of dishes inspired by travels from further away. The fish was exceptional. So fresh and superbly cooked, it really was delicious.
And whilst we were chatting, eating, drinking and taking in the atmosphere and location, we were also very much on the look out for Johnny – the 5m bull shark who lives in the lagoon and frequently spotted at the restaurant. We may even have tried to tempt him with a lamb bone! Although the quality of the food and the service at La Barachois was outstanding, it was the location, design and atmosphere of the restaurant that was so exciting and interesting.