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KaDeWe, Berlin

The largest department store in continental Europe

The largest department store in continental Europe

Tracey Pollard

The Kaufhaus des Westerns abbreviated to KaDeWe is the largest department store in continental Europe. With over 60,000 square meters trading over 8 floors, it attracts between 40 – 50,000 people a day. Whilst full of the typical cosmetics, fashion and home-wares you would associate within a world class department store, it’s the food hall which is the real jewel in the crown. 
The 6th floor is home of the food hall and delicatessen and offers a massive range of food and drink, allowing you to take away, eat in or buy your groceries.  With around 110 cooks, 40 bakers and confectioners supplying more than 30 gourmet counters and over 1,000 varieties of German sausages! It really is a food heaven.

It has everything including fresh fruit and vegetables, chocolates, teas, fish counters, bakers and bars. Selling everything from German Sausage to Oysters and Champagne. Although it is a justifiable tourist attraction in its own right, many of those who sat around the bars or were shopping were locals and with over 30,000 items for sale in more than 7,000 square meters, who can blame them.