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Inner Temple Garden, London

A surprising oasis of calm

A surprising oasis of calm

Thea Rowe

Inner temple garden is a surprising calm of oasis hidden within the city and is a relative, secret lunchtime haunt for nearby lawyers. Reference to this open space date back to the 14th century, it has of course been reconfigured many times but the most recent redesign was in the 21st century which are how we see the gardens today. The garden sits over 3 acres and is open to the public from 12 - 3 every week day.

In a bid to spend some time in the sunshine i took myself off to the Inner Temple Garden one lunch time. Sandwich and crisps in hand i entered the ,what felt like a rather secret, garden eager to find a spot to sit and bask in the warm summer sun. Surrounded by beautiful flowers and a wonderful building the hour sadly drifted away rather quickly, however it was one of the best lunch hours i have had in a long time!


On a wonderful summers day i truly encourage any city workers (or nearby neighbours) to visit the garden. Take a step back from the busy lives of 9-5 and relax amongst the flowers and gardens for a brief moment, you scarcely believe that you are in London, never mind the city, at all! With the summer we've had so far ( and I do hope I haven't just jinxed that!) the sun will continue to shine throughout August so make a lunch date and visit the 'inner' tranquility within The City.