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Hay House and Illum Bolighus, Copenhagen

Danish Design

Danish Design

Tracey Pollard

Known for its stylish home wears, two stores well worth a visit in Copenhagen are Hay House and Illum Bolighus. As some one who loves simplistic design and clean lines, the homeware department of the department store Illums Bolighus offers 4 levels of paradise at Amagertorv 10, Stoget.
With a host of premium brands such as Oirefos, Arabia and Alessi, the internal shop fit of soft slatted wood provides the perfect backdrop for displays of lighting, soft furniture, gift wear and furniture. What I love about Hay House is its location on the 1st and 2nd level floor of an imposing 1896 art nouveau building. With just a small entrance and grand staircase to the upper floors the lack of street presence doesn't seem to impact on its popularity.

Hay House provides over 10,000 sq.ft. of retail space, displaying some of Denmark’s coolest brands including Vitra and Established and Sons, as well as smaller independent brands. You feel as if you have just walked into the coolest apartment in Denmark and can't help yourself from wanting to purchase even just a little of this aspirational lifestyle.

www.hay.dk/ www.illumsbolighus.com