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Flax and Kale, Barcelona

A healthy, casual dining pioneer in the heart of Barcelona

A healthy, casual dining pioneer in the heart of Barcelona

Katherine Hajiyianni

Barcelona has not exactly jumped aboard the healthy eating bandwagon as quickly as some other major European cities; rather it has - in true Catalan fashion, done things in its own time.

There does come a point after one too many of Barcelona’s justly world-renowned tapas bars when your body starts to crave a lighter, greener, more nutritious form of sustenance. Where historically this endeavour has been something of a challenge, I was delighted to happen upon Flax and Kale, the latest restaurant by Teresa Carles; the Chef pioneering Barcelona’s health food movement.

Flax and Kale defines itself as a ‘healthy flexitarian’ restaurant; ‘flexitarian’ meaning a flexible approach to a vegetarian diet, with 80% of the menu built on vegetarian foods but with the incorporation of 20% animal-based, top quality produce in the form of oily fish and eggs. Flax and Kale is also committed to using the healthiest methods of cooking, such as steamed, raw and griddle-fried in order to use every ingredient to its full nutritional potential. The extensive menu, serving brunch, lunch and dinner, features an array of Teresa’s own cold pressed juices with açai bowls, kale salads and wholegrains, alongside healthy burgers, curries and cakes. Vegetarian or not, taste and quality is never compromised in the name of calories.
Situated at the top end of the El Raval barrio, the stunning interior is as much a feast for the eyes as it is the stomach; taking cues from Manhattan design staples with rustic exposed brick, stylish industrial features, a leafy roof terrace, and bright, airy dining room. Visiting Flax and Kale is a welcome breath of fresh air that leaves you feeling lighter, healthier and delightfully nourished.