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Casa Pau Brasil, Lisbon

A tropical escape right in the centre of Lisbon!

A luxurious concept store that transports you to Brazil

Jimmy Bell

My love affair with Brazil began in 1994 whilst watching the national team win a historic fourth World Cup championship during USA ‘94.  The football team has always been a prominent part of its national identity and from watching them and their attractive style of play I became infatuated with the country from afar.  It wasn’t until ten years later that I was able to visit and experience the very essence of Brazil first hand.  It didn’t take long to fall in love with the country, its culture, way of life, people, not to mention the glorious climate, and so I was delighted when recently Casa Pau Brasil, the premium luxury Brazilian concept store, approached me to act for them on their current quest to expand into London.

In 1924 Brazilian modernists started the Pau Brasil movement, a manifestation celebrating Brazilian culture and export.

Now, nearly one hundred years, later the team behind Pau Brasil have realised this vision by creating a concept store in Lisbon to showcase the very best of Brazilian luxury brands.  Opening in April 2017 this stunning store is a glamorous introduction of Brazilian design, fashion and beauty, attracting locals as well as tourists who immerse themselves in a truly luxurious shopping experience.  You can take your pick from Brazilian luxury brands Melissa, Frescobal, Sergio Rodrigues, Lenny Niemeyer, Granado (Brazil’s more prestigious pharmaceutical brand since 1870), Flavia Aranha and Veja to name a few.

You enter via a lobby featuring a Brazilian coffee garden and from there on in, you are in Brazil!  The customer service team are Brazilian, the displays are inspired by indigenous Brazilian houses are made of straw and wood, the lamps are made of coconut

and the furniture sculptures are carved from forest residues of pequi-vinagreiro, a typical tree of Brazil.  The house exudes the perfume of Granado, one of the most traditional brands in Brazil, and of course, no Brazilian experience would be complete without a visit to the Amazon Room which was completely set with plants of tropical origin. The store is approximately 10,000 sq.ft and will shortly be home to one of Brazil’s most famous independent bookstores.

Currently situated in a late 18th century palace in Principe Real in Lisbon, they are due to open a second site in the affluent Lisbon suburb of Cascais in April, with London to follow after that.  Watch this space -  I don’t think anyone can deny, London could benefit from a ray of Brazilian sunshine!