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Bottletop, London

A designer handbag with clout!

A designer handbag with clout!

Thea Rowe

Finally a chance to shop without the guilt!  Much is being said these days about the environmental impact that our modern lives are having on the planet and most recently the fashion industry has come under scrutiny.  The Bottle Top Fashion Company has addressed these questions on a grand scale!

Founded as a website in 2012 by Oliver Wayman and Cameron Saul (whose father Roger founded British fashion house Mulberry) Regent’s street’s stunning 3D printed store opened in December 2017.  Made by robots entirely of upcycled plastic it’s truly inspiring what can be done with the world’s waste plastic!

Offering a substantial selection of ladies and gents’ bags, belts, tech-covers and key fobs, the fairly hefty price tags make a substantial contribution towards funding struggling young people and communities in Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Brazil and the UK.

The Bottletop Foundation itself was launched in 2002 by Cameron and Roger Saul through a design collaboration with Mulberry.  Their campaign centred around a handbag made from recycled bottle tops in Africa that was lined with Mulberry leather in Europe.

Oliver Wayman then discovered a stunning silver chain mail bag in Brazil and the inspiration for creating designer fashion from sustainable materials was born.  Bottle Top currently uses local grassroots Ateliers in Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia and Brazil, to create all their collections.  Other proceeds go towards tackling delicate teenage health issues such as HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy in underprivileged communities around the globe.

So, in short, next time you invest in a designer bag, make it a Bottle Top one and know your money is going a long way towards making somebody’s life better!