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Botargo, Santorini

Candle lit dinner at the peak of one of Santorini’s most unspoilt villages

Candle lit dinner at the peak of one of Santorini’s most unspoilt villages

Emily Spencer

After longing to visit the small Greek island for some time now, we finally went to Santorini. It was everything we had expected, incredible panoramic views of the ocean, friendly people and beautiful villages steeped on cliff edges.

There is such an array of restaurants with most offering picturesque views over the island, you are spoilt for choice. One, which really stood out for us, was Botargo in Pyrgos, specialising in seafood. Having only been open a few months, the restaurant sits in the ruins of an old Venetian fort, perched at the top of the hill which Pyrgos itself is located on. Apart from one main road, most of the village is elevated and accessible only by foot and donkey along small, winding footpaths.  This meant as part of the restaurants service we had a lovely waiter on hand to meet and guide us upwards through the hilltop maze.

Now, if the combination of the sun slowly setting over the bleached roofs of Santorini’s most traditional village, whilst keeping pace on your inclined march to dinner, didn’t take your breath away…then you’re not a person easily impressed! After a warm greeting at the summit, you have the option to dine in the pretty, cobbled courtyard full of olive trees, a table inside the restaurant itself surrounded by original 18th Century frescos, or one of the five tables on the small terrace. The view as you can imagine was incredible, the steep gradient accelerating away from us, over the flat Eastern part of the island to the sea, this was by far the most intimate and romantic dinner we’d enjoyed. As for the food, it was excellent. I ordered scallops to begin with followed by prawns with orzo, both courses were fresh with delicious Grecian flavours, perfectly accompanied with Santorian white wine from a vineyard we’d coincidentally visited earlier that day.

All in all, it’s hard to beat a superbly cooked dinner by candle light, peacefully set at the peak of one of Santorini’s most unspoilt villages, making it most memorable of all our evenings there.