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Brlo Brwhouse, Berlin

Craft beer perfectly intwined with forward thinking food

Craft beer perfectly intwined with forward thinking food

Dominic Tixerant

Berlin has long had a reputation for its liberalism, creativity and hedonism, and having visited the city at the end of the January, it is apparent that these characteristics are embedded within the food scene. A highlight of my recent trip was a visit to ‘Brlo Brwhouse’, a newly opened microbrewery come restaurant, situated in canal-side shipping containers typical of the cities industrial aesthetic.

Even before entering the space the idea of combining a restaurant with a brewery was intriguing, for all the microbreweries scattered across London I struggle to think of one that so perfectly intertwines beer with quality food. 

The goal of the restaurant is to elevate the relationship between beer and food, with brew master and chef, working together to complement each dish with the perfect drink (served in easily palatable 0.3l glasses). This forward thinking approach to food is not the only thing the restaurant does differently – vegetables rather than meat are the focus of the menu. Cooked in a plethora of ways; be it fermented, smoked, or often in beer, the exciting menu offers vegetarian friendly food with amazing flavour. Selecting the tasting menu, we tried everything from wild broccoli and fermented radishes, to cauliflower with a vadouvan rub and pale ale glaze.

Despite the fact that meat is optional as a side (we did try the amazing pork belly), the contemporary cooking approach meant the flavours were such that you could happily go without. The exciting venue and the brilliant food made for an exceptional experience, and with vegetarianism and a love for craft beer both ever-growing trends in London, I’d be surprised if these two innovative features were not replicated on our doorsteps soon.