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allbirds, Covent Garden

The world's most beautiful shoes

Beautifully crafted, natural shoes that will last

Zoe Schoon

October 2018 saw the perfectly timed opening of allbirds in London’s Covent Garden.  At a time when the fashion industry is addressing its carbon footprint, this San-Francisco based shoe manufacturer is a pioneer in the world of sustainable fashion.

Started by New Zealander Tim Brown, (an ex-professional football player) and Engineer and Renewables expert Joey Zwillinger, the shoes are entirely minimalist and made out of eucalyptus, wool and sugar cane.

Brown’s motivation came from the need to create something simple in the face of over designed, logo-heavy products like the sort he would receive from his big brand sponsors, and was a direct rebellion against previous generations’ love of brands.  Sales of his original creation, merino wool trainers are currently at 1million and counting.

His B-certified corporation is now providing a fantastic platform for the next generation (who want to do better) to stride ahead into the world in beautifully crafted, natural shoes that will last.

allbirds work in partnership with Soles4Souls and donate their lightly worn shoes to those in need all over world, and more recently have recently received financial backing from Leonardo di Caprio who praised them as a “model of the footwear industry”. 

As predicted in BGP’s recent Trend report,   allbirds is addressing Generation Z’s need for quality and authenticity, as well as recognising the importance of looking after the planet.  We can’t wait to get along and take a look!