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Abbot Kinney, LA

A hidden gem, tucked moments away from Venice Beach full of some of the most inspiring retail and restaurant experiences to hit

The best looking street in the world

Steve Bell

Originally West Washington, Abbot Kinney was renamed in 1990, and since then has grown into a thriving community spirited street offering a wealth of incredible restaurants, unique galleries, eclectic shops and a vibe that is difficult to describe. All that and endless sunshine wants not to like?
With a mouth watering mixture of understated architecture, low rise building, places to eat, drink and shop Abbot Kinney is by far the most refreshing and inspirational street I’ve walked down in years. Restaurants like Gjelina and The Tasting Kitchen boast incredible food and atmosphere packed with hipsters and media types. 

As a shopping experience you’ll find a mix of quirky shops ranging from The Piece Collective selling homeware, gifts and apparel to Milk Made, an effortlessly cool store established in 2008 offering lifestyle, fashion and design.There's something here for everyone and frankley I can’t wait to get back.