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Grill My Cheese

Serving the best gourmet grilled cheese toasties London has to offer.

Nishma Chauhan and Nisha Patel launched Grill My Cheese in May 2013 at Leather Lane Market.

Nishma Chauhan interviewed by Thea Rowe

What do you think are the benefits from having a food stall for young restaurants?
Having a stall means you get to learn a lot about food preparation, logistics and managing people. It also helps that you can in one way trial your ideas and grow your reputation before going straight in to a restaurant.

Where have you biggest influences come from?
There is a bit of an unwritten rule at Grill My Cheese. If we don’t like it, it won’t go on the menu.  A cheese toastie is a nostalgic classic, and most of our inspiration for our sandwich combinations comes from foods we used to eat as kids. The slumdog grillionaire, an indian inspired toastie is a combination of our mum’s recipes.

As a young startup, what has been the hardest thing to deal with?
Learning that not everything goes to plan. It sounds obvious, but there is always something that goes wrong and you are constantly having to come up with solutions to mitigate any problem.

How have the mix of operators and the local residents had an affect on your business?
We currently operate on Leather Lane Market which is a bustling weekday lunchtime market (12-2pm). There are a range of cuisines available on the market and a wide variety of restaurants.  Local residents and office workers are our main customers and the overall affect has been positive on our business. Having a hub of activity, food options and being close to offices has proved to be a recipe for success.

What future challenges and developments do you foresee in the restaurant industry?
It will be interesting to see how brexit plays out going forward for the restaurant industry. There has been quite a bit of price inflation in produce, not necessarily down to brexit, but that coupled with the uncertainty and how difficult it may be to staff restaurants could be the big challenge going forward.

What are the current trends in the marketplace and do you see this changing anytime soon?
We believe the current trend is still for delicious and indulgent food at affordable prices with a focus on quality ingredients. This is what we do at grill my cheese. Cheese toasties are for everyone, and with our delicious and innovative combinations, we have given them a fun and modern twist.