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Internationally acclaimed luxury clothing, designed to showcase feminine aesthetics and timeless style.

Beulah's staff, sourcing, manufacturing and charity are focused around positively impacting victims of human trafficking.

Sophie Caulcutt, interviewed by Charlotte Roberts

At what point did the idea turn from a concept into a reality?

After a trip to India in 2010. This was when the brand was born and where co-founders Natasha and Lavinia witnessed first hand the huge issue of human trafficking, and decided they wanted to use fashion as a vehicle for doing good, providing employment opportunities and impacting change. India is such a hub of manufacturing and Natasha and Lavinia quickly saw the power of empowering vulnerable women by teaching them skills that they could they use to generate an income.


What have been the main contributors to your brands success?

Perseverance and having a great team!!! Also, the four P’s: product, price, place and PR.


Where have you biggest influences come from?

The roots of the brand are in India - this was where the brand was born and where our social impact projects and charities are. India has a huge influence on the brand, imagery, and our latest collection. Also, the heritage of our founders, Natasha’s being Indian and Lavinia’s Chilean.

The product is beautifully designed, how do you ensure consistency as you grow the brand?

This is a constant challenge for us being a luxury brand with a social impact, especially with managing our charity projects. This is something we are always working on and the key is relationships, communication and a great Production Manager!


What are the current trends in the marketplace and do you see this changing anytime soon?

See now - buy now has been a huge trend. Advancement in technology platforms have enabled this - the consumer is now able to look at something on the runway, click and order. Artificial reality and artificial intelligence has become a game changer and brands need to stay ahead in the digital world.


Will there be more shops in the future?

Yes, we hope to open more stores. Next the US….

what areas in London do you feel will experience a surge in interesting new retailers?

I think Soho will continue to support emerging brands and we have seen a rise in Marylebone being a key destination for attainable luxury.


What future challenges and developments do you foresee in the retail industry?

I think the wholesale industry has been in a state of flux, and many brands have been choosing to go direct-to-consumer. I will be interested to see how wholesalers begin to support smaller brands.


Your one piece of advice for anyone considering starting a high end fashion brand?

Perseverance- never take no for an answer!